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The Future of the HVAC Trade Is Everyone’s Shared Responsibility

Manufacturers, distributors, trade organizations developing creative ways to combat labor shortages

Talk to any professional at any level of the HVAC industry — from the hands-on contractors to the dealers where they buy their supplies to the manufacturers of everything from commercial compressors to foil tape — and they will all voice the same concern about the industry: a lack of new talent entering the trade. It’s the same story in plumbing, painting, electrical, carpentry, and just about any skilled trade. Baby boomers are aging into retirement. Rather than exploring careers in the trades, Gen X and millennials chose college in significantly higher numbers than previous generations. According to the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of millennial workers aged 25 to 29 had a bachelor’s degree in 2016, compared to 32 percent of Gen Xers in 2000 and 26 percent of baby boomers in 1985.

Hope lies in Gen Z — today’s middle school and high school students who will soon be making decisions about their education and career paths. This is the future of the HVAC trade, and together, we share the responsibility of educating them on the opportunities available to them. Fortunately, many in the trades are stepping up to do just that.

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